From the start of the course I knew I wanted to work with concrete. After trying and analyzing different molding materials, I chose to use Lego bricks. This seemed like an interesting material to use for molding because the concrete shape remains interactive: you cannot only sit on the created chair, you could even build upon it with Legos! Furthermore the mold leaves a very interesting texture, which is also familiar to most people.

‘Rules’ for making the mold for the Lego Chair

how to poor concrete2

The Design

Making the Lego Chair


The Concrete Lego Chair



For the course Panemarenko a chair had to be designed and build, while thinking carefully about how it could best be made.


Panemarenko, course at TU/e


  • + 1 July 2016
  • + By: Marloes Dijkink
  • + In: Design