High Tech Campus

High Tech Campus

Within the building all the interiour walls can be (re)moved because of the open construction. In case of a transformation, also the panels of the facade are changable. The panels can be taken out of the frame and new ones can be placed where pleased. So the location of windows and doors is not fixed and can be easily be changed. The size of the frame is based on the sitting and standing position of a person. Due to the random placement of the panels, a changing pattern emerges. The light coming through the building gives it an interesing character by night.



The aim of this second year project was to design a flexible buidling for the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. The building had to able to be both used as an office building and residential building.


Studioproject at TU Eindhoven Tutor: Ruurd Roorda


“Site-analysis. Mass studies. Research into flex building. Design of flexible building including plans, sections, elevations, details. Atmospherical images. Model making.”


  • + 1 December 2012
  • + By: Marloes Dijkink
  • + In: Project