12 mei

Begin Colloquium

Today was our begin colloquium. Before starting with the individual part of the graduation, a research proposal had to be made. I presented how I wanted to transform the Yangshupu Powerplant in Shanghai and which research I’m planning to do. You can read more about this in the project brief below. Furthermore we prepared...
07 mei

Transforming an image

Transformation is a change of the shape, state or appearance of an object. In architecture transformation is usually considered being a visual change; in the sense that the appearance or shape of the building has changed. But by changing the function, the state of the building and its surroundings also changes. For example, an...
03 mei

The Yangshupu Power Plant in Shanghai

The location for my thesis project will the Yangshupu Powerplant in Shanghai. The Yangshupu Power Plant 杨树浦发电厂 is a former coal plant located at the Yangshupu Road 2800 and lies on the banks of the Huangpu River in the Yangpu district of Shanghai. In the late 19th century Yangpu became Shanghai’s and even China’s...
19 apr

Transforming an image (with VR)

As an excersize during the graduation project we had to transform an image we had taken in C-mine. Since I wanted to experiment with VR during my graduation project, you can see the images in panoramas on your computer or on your phone with Google Cardboard.
25 mrt

C-mine + ECI cultuurfabriek

Het thema voor het afstuderen is “from Industrial Site to Cultural Identity”. Daarom heb ik met vier medestudenten een dagexcursie georganiseerd naar twee getransformeerde fabrieken: de ECI cultuurfabriek in Roermond en de C-mine in Genk. Beiden zijn nu culturele hotspots voor hun stad. Daarnaast hebben we Piet Hein Eek op Strijp-R bezocht en de...
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