Cut-out people from Shanghai, China

My thesis project in situated in Shanghai on the site of the former Yangshupu Power Plant from 1911. In my renders I wanted to use local cut-out people, however finding people with a Shanghainese apperance was rather difficult. Googling ‘Shanghai girl’ provided me with images that I was centainly not going to use for my thesis project. After several hours of searching I found beautiful images of people in Shanghai during the 1930’s that I cut-out and used in my project.

Assuming that I’m not the only one looking for this, I posted the png’s I made below. Feel free to use them for your own architectural drawings!


bolhoedman untitled-2  untitled-2 2-women foto shanghai-fashion european-in-shanghai-1933120089303_3d1242808f_o  120089469_bb2148f711_o 178445696_1f5085be0f_o 120089358_0d5bda16f0_obench-peopleold historical-shanghai-photos-early-20th-century-31-1949historical-shanghai-photos-early-20th-century-15-1936 historical-shanghai-photos-early-20th-century-09-1930historical-shanghai-photos-early-20th-century-10


I’m super interested in hearing in which drawings these png’s ended up, so let me know below!!