29 aug


Ik heb vorige week mijn beroepservaringsperiode bij de PEPnl succesvol afgerond. Daarmee mag ik mijzelf nu officieel architect noemen!! Dank aan Mecanoo voor het vertrouwen en de mogelijkheden tijdens dit traject. Ook dank aan mijn oud-collega’s bij JHK architecten Ik kijk er naar uit om mijzelf nu nog verder te ontwikkelen als architect binnen Mecanoo.
25 nov

How to Resin your architectural model

  This blog post will elaborate on how to make an architectural model using resin. Many architecture firms and artists use resin for their models. For my thesis project I wanted to make a model using this material, however, on the internet I could not find an extensive explaination on how to this. After...
28 okt

PEP – Professional Experience Programme

In september ben ik gestart met het volgen van de PEP. Tegenwoordig ben je, nadat je bent afgestudeerd van de TU in de richting architectuur, niet automatisch architect. Hiervoor dien je eerst twee jaar beroepservaring te hebben opgedaan. De PEP is een programma dat is gestart door toemalig Rijksbouwmeester Jo Coenen en het helpt recent...
05 apr

Cut-out people from Shanghai, China

My thesis project in situated in Shanghai on the site of the former Yangshupu Power Plant from 1911. In my renders I wanted to use local cut-out people, however finding people with a Shanghainese apperance was rather difficult. Googling ‘Shanghai girl’ provided me with images that I was centainly not going to use for my thesis...
01 feb

My thesis project

YES! I have graduated!!! For more information about my thesis project The energy hub: a transformation of the Yangshupu Power Plant; visit my thesis porfolio page or download my thesis at the TU/e repository.
23 jan

Postcards – Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for attending my thesis presentation! You have now arrived on my website! Past year I’ve been posting the progress of my thesis project on this website, which you can visit here. If you are interested in my portfolio, feel free to visit it here.   Love,        
02 jan

Essay: Architectural transformations in Shanghai

  WHAT IS TRANSFORMATION? The definition of transformation is the change, both physically and mentally, of condition(s) of all that is reality. In biology, a transformation is a process of cell growth and differentiation applicable on animal species and are in some theories the basis of evolution. In mathematics, there are linear, rotational and...
05 dec

The Generator hall

The generator hall is the most notable feature of the old power plant as it is one of the oldest elements at site. The main hall has a length of 155 and a depth of twenty meters. The steam generators are placed at six meters height, since the volume below is mandatory for steam...
01 nov

Flexibility in Energy Museum

The generator hall is the most prominent feature of the Energy Museum. The aim is to create a museum that can be open 24h a day and has a certain degree of flexibility to be able to respond to changes in society. The flexibility of the museum is emphasized and ensured by movable platforms that form...